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Once upon a time...


“To truly live wine, you need to live your convictions. For us as barrel makers, this above all means cuddling your wine with the utmost respect and care.

I will always remember the words of one winemaker who once said to me:

“I don’t know you, but be aware that choosing to entrust you with my wines is tantamount to entrusting you with my own children”.

In other words, we should only be there to offer a gentle helping hand to allow the wines to develop and fully assert themselves”.

Dear Winemaker Friends,

Welcome to MIQUEL F. Artisan Cooperage and our atypical world of barrel making.

Our story began 10 years ago with the beginning of a new stage in my life. Drawing upon my experience as a sommelier and after having learned about the unique world of cooperage, a chance meeting gave me the opportunity to take up a new challenge. At the time, this seemed a natural choice for me: to follow my convictions and craft my own barrels.

After three years of intense research into my own wines, the MIQUEL F. range was born. It involved pushing toasting and wine maturation processes to their limits and opting for wood blends considered quite daring for the time combined with innovative techniques.

I owe my inspiration above all to great cuisine and to the almost universal values that my peers constantly instilled in me during my career as a sommelier: hard work, respect for the product, ability to master cooking times & temperatures, and of course humility.


Today, it is with great pride that we bring to you our range of authentic products. They are sure to come as a delight to many of you, and above all I hope they will help perpetuate the tradition that drinking wine is always a celebration.


So check out our MIQUEL F. ‘B’ Blend range or our famous Selmer Blend, and not forgetting this year’s new 569 range, available in the 569 Series, and Selmer 569.

Francis MIQUEL

Our Team

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