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Blend B

The Original

This range is the fruit of very carefully made choices coupled with our extensive know-how.

It’s a testament to all the technical decisions we took to meet two fundamental criteria: to ensure the barrel always serves to enhance the wine, and its quality is reproducible from one year to the next.

To achieve this, we only work with specially selected wood blends assembled to ensure the right balance. These are dried for an average of 20 months in the open air and a pollution-free environment. Our barrels are constructed mainly using wood from the center of France.



The toasting and bousinage process, considered the hallmark of any good cooper, is adapted for each barrel. This can vary between 2hrs and 2hrs15min over an open fire without a hood. We use very precise aromatic benchmarks to make sure the various stages are properly respected and limits are not exceeded—we literally go by our noses!

This particular wood combination coupled with a ‘wet’ toasting process offers a blend with patinated and softened tannins, for extra sweetness and a richer flavor. For a full-bodied, mellow and well-structured taste in the mouth. Its versatility is its distinguishing feature and trademark.


We offer several toasting levels to best suit your wines: MB (White), MRL (Light Red), MR (Red).

Blend B



Blend B



Blend B



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