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Barriques Francis M_015.jpg

Three ranges,
Three approaches...

They all go off the beaten track...

All are the fruit of passion, work and experimentation...

All are ambitious and original...

Each has its own personality, resolutely assertive and generous.

Blend B

The Original

This range is the result of very precise choices. It lays the foundations of our know-how. Indeed, it validates all the technical choices that we have made, in order to meet two fundamental criteria: that the barrel is always the ally of the wine and that its quality is reproducible from year to year.



It was during research carried out on the aging of white wines that this barrel proved to be the natural extension of Blend B as it complements it

Ultimate Edition

Tribute to Django

This range was particularly close to my heart because it reflects our desire to go beyond conventions. It is a nod to one of my passions, Gypsy Jazz and its legendary guitar specially designed so that each note emitted, each vibration, is only purity and intensity.

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